The Work: A Clock in the Universe

[legend from top to bottom: posse; freedom; justice; equality; property]

The freedom of the hours for the possessed movements

The gold, the copper and the plate: and its respective moral values.

The property is the posse that the justice gave you.

The work: the human system of conversion of the time.

The time: a clock in the nature.

The sacrifice: the time that nature takes to die: the conversion of the natural into greatness.

The property: as the ratchet which moves the clock hands of the justice and the law, shows the mechanic of the State in functioning.

The gold gearing, the Catholics. The plate, the law, shows that indeed it doesn’t exist the Executive power in the democratic model, that the State is the virtual space of two geared beings. That the state is an organizer of divergent demands: that the justice will only be the law if accommodate Catholics and Protestants.

The capitalism is not, indeed the product of an evolution, but of a Religion: something that came already done and finished, in the moment of its conception: the seed already brought its result.

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