The Metal Tree

Rose66 –The metal tree is one of the works that I like most, is a contemporary illustrative that better defines the man and his humanity. It’s his understanding of the Earth, of the Universe, of God, of himself, of the woman.

I have the habit of always explaining the drawings, thing that no artist likes: even because, there’s nothing to be explained, are reflexes, nothing more than that. I’m not an artist. My drawings come from the dreams. And what are the dreams exactly, no one knows: it doesn’t possesses the existence as he human being.

But there it is. It’s a beauty of sculpture, an admirable aleijão. It should be at Louvre, in Paris…with fifteen meters high…a good representation of the Eiffel Tower: something to be adorned as the spirit of something, which was photographed. That all perceive its truly identity.

66 –what didn’t born from the earth, was erected from the floor.

Kahmn –the notion of the square base, reflects the concept of plain-earth: this always was and will always be the primordial understanding of the Universe of the human being: for this, the tree is in the emptiness, in the grey, the absence of color, the absence of a beginning: that which arose from the floor, which doesn’t possess roots, the own understanding of the seed: every human action resumes itself to the to plant: indeed there’s no origin on the primordiality of the understanding of God, of his own existence.

God –I’m not of metal .

Kill –the metal tree doesn’t loves.

Enginer –the fruits of this tree are rotten, corrosive, as the own tree that calved it.

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